Is Anthy a good witch or a bad witch...or a witch at all? Does she truly have no heart/ soul? Is she a bad person who deserves her fate? Anthy's character is so complex that even after the end of the show its still hard to know exactly who she is.

I don't think Anthy is a bad person. I think she is someone who was neglected as a child, made a mistake with good intentions, and is unfortunately having to pay for that mistake. In their play, the kage shoujo said that Anthy was the only one not turned into a princess by Dios. Was this neglect? Was it because they were siblings? Dios traveled the land turning all little girls into princesses. Instead of being truly grateful for him, they took him for granted and cared little for his well being. At some point, he became either sick or injured (its not really clear) and his sister, to protect him, locked him away. She felt in her heart that if he continued, he would die. When the world found out that Dios was gone from them forever, they became enraged and stabbed Anthy with a million swords of hatred. They didn't care that Dios was ill. They didn't care that Anthy was worried about her brother and was only trying to protect him. I'll agree that maybe Anthy didn't have the right to do it. I'll agree that maybe it was the wrong thing to do. Perhaps she should have had more faith in her brother to do what was needed. But my point is that whether the action was right or wrong, she did it for the right reason:her brother's safety. For her mistake, she is destined to spend eternity suffering: neither quite alive nor dead.

Her outward personality is determined by the engaged one's personality or wishes. However, one can see part of her own personality every so often. For example, her love of animals. I doubt any person who was engaged to her told her or influenced her to love animals. Yet she has ChuChu, her pet snails, her pet mongoose, and her pet cow. More of her own personality comes out while engaged to Utena. Utena, more than anything, wanted Anthy to be free and normal and such. While this in itself is an influence from the engaged one to Anthy, Anthy can't obey Utena's wishes and be her own person unless she has something there to begin with.

Anthy has no free will. She must obey her victor. However, this is not the end all and be all. Having no free will and having no will at all are different. A will can be bound, thus taking away its freedom, but it can be free again. It can be free even in the smallest degree, if that which binds it weakens, even for the smallest moment.

One thing Anthy is not is naive. She may seem spacey or indifferent at times, but every so often, especially when she is talking with Utena, she has some very wise thoughts. She will make a comment about a particular person, place, or occurrence that can only come from someone who has experience. And experience she has. She learned at a young age about human behavior, especially the bad side, and how actions, no matter how well intentioned, can have serious consequences. Along with her personality, her experience and knowledge is hidden. When she is with Utena, we get rare glimpses of that hidden self.

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