Kiryuu Touga. He's cold. He's manipulative. (He's sexy...) Anyway, But there is just something about him that is hard to pinpoint. Another might say he's not cold; he's cool. He may be manipulative, but at least he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. In the beginning, he tried to convince Utena that he was her prince in order to be able to defeat her in a duel. He was Akio's right hand man and had never questioned him or his purpose. He manipulated Utena into losing a duel. He manipulated his sister into becoming a duelist. He manipulated Saionji into getting himself expelled from the Academy and then turned around and manipulated him into dueling again. In fact, he got all of the student council into dueling Utena for a second time. But... Whether he meant to or not, he began to truly fall in love with Utena. His love for her became so great that he even began to question Akio and his plan. He knew Utena was very close to becoming the one to revolutionize the world and he couldn't bear to think of what would happen to her in Akio's clutches. So he challenged her one last time in a desperate attempt to keep her safe. Before the last duel, Touga asked Utena to meet him in the dueling arena at night. There he confessed his true feelings.

'Is there no way I can be your Prince? You're my only princess.'
'Not that again.'
'It's true. I love you. From my heart, I treasure you. Your nobility and beauty shine on many. And even if I'm not worthy of you, please, be with me for at least this instant. Just that will do. If I can just carve the memory of this night, the two of us together, within me, that will be enough. Will you permit me that much?'
'I understand.'
'Thank you.'

Utena was able to bring out sincerity and love in Touga. He had them all along, but like everyone else, they were suppressed under Akio's influence.

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