I know what you're thinking: an essay on ChuChu? Well, I just like ChuChu a lot so I think he deserves his own 'essay'

What do you get when you take something that has the look of a monkey, sounds like a mouse, and will eat anything in site? ChuChu of course.

A lot of people I've talked to think he's annoying. I think he's cute. He provides comedy (such as when he was fighting off a frog) and also adds to the quirkiness of Anthy's character. He was used by Utena as an excuse for why she beat Saionji a second time when she intended to lose. She couldn't let ChuChu be teased by Saionji if Anthy went back to him. He used as an icebreaker such as when Miki used ChuChu to start a conversation with Anthy and eventually be able to ask her to play piano with him. And I thought it was so cool when, at the end, as Anthy removed her glasses when leaving Ohtori forever, ChuChu took off his earring and little tie and also placed them on the desk.

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