Student Council
Black Rose
Ohtori Akio

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Shoujo Kakumei Utena is made up of four sagas, or story arcs. Think of them like chapters in a book. On the surface, each story arc has its own unique plot lines. Yet, they can not stand alone, but are part of a much bigger story. The best (and funniest) way I have ever seen the sagas described is from Blood soaked and Honor Bound (and for those of you who think I'm stealing, Becka-sama said I could quote this so nya nya nya)

'There are four sagas that make up Utena: The Student Council Saga, The Black Rose Saga, The Ohtori Akio Saga, and The Apocalypse Saga. Each sage has it's own purpose. The Student Council Saga was created to get viewers totally obsessed with the show. The Black Rose Saga was created to make all the Utena Obsessees think, for a change. The Ohtori Akio Saga was put there to screw the Utena Obsessees over for thinking. And finally, The Apocalypse Saga was put there for the sole purpose of screwing over all the Utena Obsessees just because.'

Obviously, there are spoilers in here since only the first story arc has been released on video, just warning you. Also, for impatient people like me who just can't wait to know how it ends, the last story arc is sooooo confusing and twisted around that if you skip ahead to the very end, not only will it not make any sense, but it will also seem like a very bad ending and make you sad. not that i'm speaking from personal experience or anything If you read the whole thing however, and if you take the time to think about it, the ending is truly awesome ^_^