Tenjou Utena
Tenjou Utena is the protagonist of the series. She is an eighth grader at Ohtori Academy. She is the current victor of the duels and is thus engaged to Himemiya Anthy, the rose bride. She wears a boy uniform to school and is very active in sports. Suffice it to say, she is a tomboy. When she was little, a prince gave her a ring with a rose engraved on the top. He told her that if she did not lose her strength and nobility, that one day the ring would lead her back to him. She was so impressed by the mysterious prince that she vowed to become a prince herself so that she could save princesses.

Himemiya Anthy

Himemiya Anthy is an upperclassman who is very shy and reserved. Her past and why she acts the way she does is shrouded in mystery. She is the Rose Bride, and becomes 'engaged' to whomever wins the duels. She has no free will of her own and must do whatever the one she is engaged to wants, feel and think how the engaged one feels and thinks. She is a very gentle person and loves animals. She has a little monkey-mouse thing called ChuChu that is her constant companion and friend. She is treated like a servant by most of the student council but Utena wants her to be her own person, make more friends, and basically be an ordinary girl.

Kiryuu Touga

*drools and melts into a little puddle* ....oops, did I say that out loud? Anyway, back to the description. Kiryuu Touga is the president of the student council (seitokai). He is the biggest playboy on campus. Every girl wants him and he knows it. In the beginning, and most of the way through the show actually, he comes off as a manipulative, cold hearted person, using anyone and everyone including Utena and his own sister to get what he wants. However, near the end of the show, he begins to show what looks like genuine love and concern for Utena as he feels she might be in danger.

Saionji Kyouichi

Saionji Kyouichi is the vice-president of the student council. He is also the only one called by his family name instead of his given name. His given name, Kyouichi, translates to 'pod one' I mean really, who would want to be called that? He is the captain of the kendo club. He does not take to losing well either, especially to one person, his 'best friend' Touga. In the very beginning of the show, he is the one engaged to Anthy. He abuses her on the outside, but on the inside, he does have some feelings for her.

Arisugawa Juri

Arisugawa Juri is also on the student council (noticing a pattern?) She is also the captain of the fencing club. She lost the ability for faith when she was in junior high. She lost the one she loved forever to another person when she did not tell her love how she felt. Her love was the one who told her to 'believe in miracles and they will know your feelings' Because she lost her love, she lost her faith in miracles. Some say she wants to posses the rose bride to disprove the power of miracles, or to get her love back.

Kaoru Miki

Kaoru Miki is the only one in junior high to be on the student council. He is a genius and studies at the high school level and is a virtuoso on the piano. He is constantly looking for his shinning thing. When he was young, he and his sister would play the piano together. His sister really had no talent, but he was so good that he could cover up for his sister's poor playing. They were to play a joint concert but Miki got sick and his sister had to play alone. She ran off the stage at the concert and has never played piano again. Miki's shinning thing is the feeling he had when he played piano with his sister in their garden. It was the time when he was truly happy.

Kiryuu Nanami

Kiryuu Nanami is the little sister of Touga. Originally, she is not on the student council, but she is later chosen as a duelist and thus joins the student council. One of her favorite hobbies is to make Anthy's life miserable. She has a trio on henchman who follow her around and do her dirty work for her. She also has a major big brother complex. She vows to destroy anyone who tries to get close to him. Her love for her brother is so very strong that some misinterpret it as a sexual love. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Touga is the only one who has always been there for her and loved her and protected her. She looks up to him. She is afraid that if anyone comes between her and her brother, that she will lose the only one she was ever close to and she will be alone. She even takes away her brother's pet (when they were little) because he started to pay more attention to the cat than her. Like her brother, she comes across as a very, very cold hearted person but by the very end she has softened up.

Ohtori Akio

Ohtori Akio is the assistant trustee chairman of Ohtori Academy. He was appointed to the position because he is engaged to Ohtori Kanae, the daughter of the trustee chairman. He often flirts with Utena. He is also the older brother of Himemiya Anthy. Later in the show, both Anthy and Utena move into the Akio's spacious living quarters.


Dios is the apparition that appears from the castle in the sky when Utena duels to help her win the duel.

Souji Mikage

Mikage is a genius who runs the Black Rose Society. His sidekick is a boy named Mamiya. Together they select people with troubled hearts and use their negative feelings to turn them into Black Rose duelists in hopes of defeating Utena and gaining the revolution themselves.

Chida Mamiya

Mamiya is a young boy who works with Mikage to bring the revolution for themselves. He wears an outfit that is looks just like the dress of the Rose Bride except that it is in the form of a boys suit. He grows black roses that he uses to make people black rose duelists.

The Black Rose Duelists

These are people that were manipulated by Mikage to become a black rose duelist. All of them had something or someone in their life that troubled them and caused negative feelings. Mikage used these bad feelings towards someone/thing else to convince them that if they became a black rose duelist, they would be able to fix their problem.

Shinohara Wakaba

Wakaba is Utena's very best friend. She usually greets Utena by jumping onto Utena's back and hugging her fiercely (known as glomping). This glomping usually occurs near balconies or other high places where one could fall off if someone were to jump on their back. Fortunately, Utena recovers her balance every time ^^ She has a big crush on Saionji but he does not return the feelings.

Tatatsuki Shiori

Shiori went to Ohtori Academy when she was in junior high. Her, Juri, and an unnamed guy were always together. The guy loved Juri but Shiori took him away from her. It turns out that Shiori went out with the guy because she was jealous of Juri and wanted to take something away from her, just once. Shiori told Juri 'Believe in miracles and they will know your feelings' When Shiori went out with the guy, it turned Juri away from faith forever, for she lost Shiori, the one she loved.

Kaoru Kozue

What can be said about Kozue? She...gets around. She is Miki's sister and used to play the piano with him until she had to play alone in a concert and runs of the stage. She really had no piano talent, but her brother was always able to cover it up.

Tsuwabuki Mitsuru

Tsuwabuki is an elementary school kid and also Nanami's lackey. Once when he was very young, he saw Touga save Nanami from a runaway horse and ever since then he has wanted to be that kind of big brother to Nanami. He sometimes carries her books, lunch, gym clothes, and keeps track of her schedule. Even though he knows she treats him like a servant, he feels that just being able to be around her is good enough for him.

Sonada Keiko

Keiko is one of Nanami's 'henchmen' Along with Yuuko and Aiko, she hangs around Nanami constantly praising her and doing the dirty-work of Nanami's pranks. Although the reason for the other two to hang around with Nanami is somewhat unclear, Keiko does it because it allows her to be closer to Touga, whom she has a crush on.

Wakiya Aiko

Aiko is one of Nanami's 'henchmen'. Along with Keiko and Yuuko, she hangs around Nanami constantly praising her and doing the dirty-work of Nanami's pranks.

Oose Yuuko

Yuuko is one of Nanami's 'henchmen'. Along with Keiko and Aiko, she hangs around Nanami constantly praising her and doing the dirty-work of Nanami's pranks.


Yanada is one of three guys that have crushes on Nanami. They always appear together and speak together, sometimes completing the others sentences.


Tanaka is one of three guys that have crushes on Nanami. They always appear together and speak together, sometimes completing the others sentences.


Suzuki is one of three guys that have crushes on Nanami. They always appear together and speak together, sometimes completing the others sentences.

Ohtori Kanae

Kanae is a high schooler who is engaged to Akio. Her father is the head chairman of the school, whereas Akio is only the assistant chairman. Kanae once gave a treasured handkerchief to Anthy since she was going to be her sister-in-law. When Anthy used it to clean her classes, Kanae was offended and from then on, she has felt uneasy with Anthy.

Chida Tokiko

Tokiko was a researcher at Ohtori Academy. She has a brother named Mamiya which she introduced to Mikage.

Tsuchiya Ruka

Ruka was the fencing captain before Juri at Ohtori. He became sick and had to leave.

Kazami Tatsuya

Tatsuya is a childhood friend of Wakaba's. They went to elementary school together but Tatsuya transferred away suddenly. Wakaba calls him the 'Onion Prince' because she was teased as a child by kids who called her 'onion head' and she thought of him as her prince.

Kage Shoujo A-ko and B-ko
a-ko b-ko

The kage shoujo, or shadow play girls, consist of A-ko, B-ko and C-ko. A-ko wears her hair in a ribbon and B-ko wears her hair in two pigtail typethings, and C-ko (seen less than the other two) wears her hair in a pony tail. A-ko and B-ko act together, and C-ko acts solo. They are always acting out one play or another behind a rose printed screen. It's funny how the subject of their play always is similar in theme to what is going on in the episode.

Kage Shoujo C-ko

C-ko is seen less often than the other two wears her hair in a pony tail. While A-ko and B-ko act together, C-ko acts solo. She is also 'practicing' for a play which always seems to have a similar theme to the 'current events'.


ChuChu looks like a miniature monkey, but he sounds like a mouse, so he's...a monkey-mouse. He is Anthy's friend and goes with her wherever. He will eat just about anything and he is also afraid of the dark.